Your body is Your Responsibility !

Most people are born with perfect functioning bodies, but over time we manage to create problems. Most of these problems are caused because we are too lazy to do the right things for a healthy body, instead preferring to take the path of least resistance. However, Your body is Your Responsibility !

These problems can be caused by constantly stuffing our faces with the wrong food, taking no exercise, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs or any number of other things that are unnatural to our bodies. There are other things we do that can build up problems over the years and are just as harmful to our health. These can include physical problems because of poor posture, incorrect use of our bodies that puts unwanted strain on our muscles and bones, and there is mental stress that ettects our physical being. If continued for long periods of time any one of these factors will have a negative effect on our body.

Our skeleton and muscles have evolved to work in certain ways, however we seem to find a whole new way to use them that does not necessarily do them any good.

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I am 6ft 5in tall (about 1.95m). During my teens I was very conscious of my height, especially as I grew head and shoulders above everyone else. This I believed made me stand out in a crown so I started to stoop and not stand up straight. My Mum and Dad constantly kept telling me to ‘Stand up straight, get your shoulders back, you look aweful bent over’. To me looking aweful seemed worse than standing out in a crowd so I started to stand up straight with my shoulders back. Very soon I decided I liked this as it did make me stand out but with some very positive outcomes.

I developed a 10 minute body check. Mentally, every ten minutes or there abouts I used to check whether I was stood up straight, (or sat up straight), whether my shoulders were down and relaxed, my head up and chest out….Yep, just like on a parrade ground. I still do my ten minute body checks to this day, and it has ensured that I have stayed upright and tall with no upper body problems, unlike many other people.

It has also ensured that through my working career I have not damaged my body either. Many clients I see have done just that, from activites at work. Some clients have created the problems through incorrect lifting or load bearing activities. We have all tried to lift things that were really too heavy for us to pick up on our own. However, either wanting to show off to colleages, get a job done quicker or by having a Boss breathing down your neck we have done what we knew to be wrong all the same.

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Another work related problem can happen when the same movement is carried out many times in a day. This is usually a movement that is not exactly natural to our bodies, but exerts a low level of stress to muscles, which when repeated many many times cause what use to be known as Repeatative Strain Injuries. They aren’t so much injuries but are closer to strain conditioning, where muscles take on a specific shape or memory because they are used too often to perform a particular movement.

Most company training now focuses on protecting the employee against such strain related problems, but for many years it was not considered at all. Many hairdressers, now in their 40s and older have cronic back conditions because they were not taught how to protect themselves while cutting and styling hair. This also applies to nurses and care workers who were expected to lift patients in and out of bed without mechanical aids.

Most professions now have strict guidelines and training to protect their workers. However, millions of office staff around the world are still at risk because they have not been taught the importance of good posture while working at their desk and on computers. Please read Posture at you computer for more infomation.

images Your body is Your Responsibility !If you are serious about maintaining your bodies physical health you have to consider every activity you do and always ensure you are not puting continous strain on your body. Even when you are chilling in front of the TV, how you sit on your comfy sofa will be leaving an inprint on your body. And if you sit with bad posture every evening then over time it will cause you to have problems with your back and shoulders.

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Even sitting as the lady to the right puts unequal stress on the muscles in your back. You are also encouraging your lower spine to curve to one side. If you sit and watch the TV for 5 hours every day (the worldwide average for daily TV viewing)  for a year like the lady here, you will have lower back problems at the end of the year.


What you do to your body is your responsibility and no one elses. No one makes you stuff your face with food, just like no one forces you to sit with bad posture. If you make bad choices with your body you will suffer the pain and discomfort. The information above is just some simple examples to highlight how easy it is to damage our bodies, and how with a little thought and effort, you can protect yourself.

Look after and protect your body, it’s the only one you will get

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