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I am writing this article in response to many comments being left by readers asking how I go about writing a blog post.

Just to let you know, I only started blogging about a year ago. Before that I was totally ignorant on the subject. I had a little help from a business acquaintance and he really got me going. However, it is a fact that you never really stop learning and I am never quite satisfied with how my blog looks.

In this article I want to lay down a few pointers for newbies to follow to get you writing a blog. I’ll add in some hints and tips as I go, as these have helped me along the way with what you see now.

I am not covering blog hosting in this post as it’s a whole subject on it’s own. I use WordPress and because it is used for my businesses I pay for my package. This gives me more options, the analytics, SEO etc are done for me and I can publish in multiple places at one click. WordPress.

Where to Start ?

Writing from the heart is the MOST important thing to consider when creating your blog posts ! If you are passionate about a subject then it will be easy to write about it. Being passionate means you are usually knowledgeable on the subject and this will come across in your writing.

I have two blogs. Both are subjects that I am passionate about and both are to do with my businesses. They are designed and written to generate interest in Me and My knowledge. This naturally leads my readers to know, like and trust me, thus they are more likely to ask me for help.

I could write another two or three blogs about my hobbies as well, but I really don’t have the time at the moment.

confused_baby-300x199 Writing a Blog

The first question you have to ask yourself is ‘why do I want to blog ?’ Do you want to write about a hobby, a business or a subject that is close to your heart ? It could be someting that you think people should be made aware of ? This will give you direction.

It is also a good idea at this point to work out if your chosen subject has enough content to write about and in what order you will write – there is no point starting a subject and then running out of things to write about.

Start writing a Blog

Hang on ! Before you start hammering away at your keyboard, take a couple of minutes to write on a piece of paper what you want to cover in the blog post. This should include a subject title, an introduction, the content, a summary and possibly how to link this to your next post. You might want to think about putting some relevant pictures in also.

hand-writing Writing a Blog

With this written down you have the basis of your post. You can now start writing. Some people like to write quite loosely and then return to fill in the gaps. Other people (including me) like to get everything down as you go, but this is personal preference. This will be down to you.

DO NOT copy other people’s work !!!! This is unethical and at worst can land you in court. If you borrow someone’s work give them credit by telling your reader where you got it from. It’s usually best to ask first though before borrowing someone else’s work, or add a hyperlink to their site.

Try to keep your writing easy going and simple to read unless you are writing about a subject that is very technical or academic  – using big words might demonstrate your intelligence but it is a guaranteed way to stop people reading your blog ! Please also bear in mind that not everyone reading your blog speaks your Mother language, so you will need to keep your writing readable to these people also.

Write how you speak

A little humour can make your posts more entertaining and draw the reader into what you are writing about. Likewise if you have personal experience with your subject then write a little about this also. Perhaps how something changed Your life or how you came to your chosen subject. This is best done in the form of a story because everyone likes a story.

hands-at-keyboard Writing a Blog

I use my Google+ account do write my blog. As part of your free Google+ account you get some templates and blank Word type documents. Google docs give you spell check and formatting tools which some blog hosting sites do not. Once I am happy with what I have written I copy and paste my script from Google to my blog host site. I add pictures and graphics into the script and any hyperlinks within the script once I am happy with the wording.

I can access my Google account from either my laptop, my tablet or mobile phone. This means I can always add to my blog scripts whereever I am.  If I find myself with a few spare minutes on my hands or I think of something to add to a script, I can do it there and then. As you get older remembering stuff gets harder and harder, best to write it down while you are thinking of it.

The Geeky Bit

I’m no expert on analytics, Meta elements or SEO (search engine optimisation) so I’ll keep this simple. These are governed by how search engines find things on the internet, so if you want to be found there are a few things that will help the process without being a computer expert.

It is recommended that you include your title in your script when writing a blog post. The more times you can include your title the better but don’t go over the top. Adding pictures will also attract the search engines, more so if they are moving or video footage, they really like those. It is best if these are your own pictures and videos as you don’t want to end up in Court being sued for copyright !

And don’t forget to add hyperlinks within your script. This not only attracts search engines but gives your readers additional content to follow. You might want to consider this as a way of leading people to your website. It is also a way of not cluttering your blog with too much information.

Get it right first time

Oh, and finally, while writing a blog keep reading back what you have written. This will help you keep on track with your subject and helps reduce mistakes. I am dyslexic which results in my leaving complete words out of sentences or around them the wrong putting way, hehe (putting them the wrong way around) 🙂

I hope this all makes sense and helps any would-be bloggers amongst my readers to start writing. Writing a blog can be a most uplifting and exhilarating thing to do. It can earn you money; get you heard in a chosen subject; give personal satisfaction in knowing that what you have created in writing is read and appreciated by others.  Enjoy writing your blog 🙂

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