The Pelvis


The Pelvis, your foundation.

In some ways the Pelvis is the most important structure in your body. It’s your base, the bedrock upon which your body stands and the core of such activities as standing, walking, running and balance adjustment. It is also a shock absorber, houses the hip joints and is the base on which your spine stands. The Pelvis is also one of the few places in the body where male and female anatomy looks significantly different.

The Pelvis is not one solid bone, it’s made up of three separate bones with ligaments and connective tissue holding it together.

20150520_100945-225x300 The Pelvis20150520_101023-225x300 The Pelvis

The two side are the bones that look like elephant’s ears, and incorporate the hip joints. These are held together at the front by soft tissue. At the rear both sides sandwich the Sacrum, a bone made from separate vertebra that have fused together over thousands of years. On top of your Sacrum your spine is stacked and below is your coccyx, which is all that remain of the tails we once had.

As I mentioned above, the Pelvis is not one bone and this is crucial during child birth. In it’s normal state the pelvis is not wide enough for a baby to pass through. However, during labour the sides of the Pelvis flex outwards to allow the baby to pass through. The separate parts should then close back up and resume their normal form. However, this is not always the case (see posting on Sciatica).

I will return to problems related with misaligned Pelvis’s in the future.

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