The Dorn Method

The Dorn Method

I was introduced to Dorn Method by my lovely wife Vanessa. We both completed an advanced course in Germany in 2008 with Thomas Zudrell. I have been using Dorn Method with many patients since.

Dorn Method is named after Dieter Dorn, who was the first person to put this amazing treatment into a teachable form.

Dieter hurt his back at work one day and was advised to go and see an old man in the village who could help him. Very quickly the old man identified what was wrong with Dieter back and corrected it there and then. Dieter was so impressed that he wanted to know more, and use it to help people himself.

His first patient was his wife, who had a neck problem that her Doctors wanted to operate on. Dieter was able to treat his wife using  his new knowledge and she made a full recovery.

Dieter-Dorn-233x300 The Dorn Method

Dieter went on to treat coach loads of people who arrived from the surrounding areas. He used his kitchen table to perform the treatments. A retired Doctor convinced Dieter to put his treatment into a recognizable form and to start teaching other people to use Dorn Method.

Dorn Method is unique as:

  • It is safe, gentle and painless
  • The patient is involved and doesn’t just lay on the couch
  • The patient is shown very simple exercises that help to reinforce the treatments.

How does Dorn Method work ?

The human skeleton is held together by our muscles. Unfortunately the muscles are not intelligent and will hold a bone in place whether it is in it’s correct position or not. The muscle will tighten if it is holding a bone in the wrong place however, the classic example of this being sciatica ( see )

Conventional treatments aim to force the bone back into position against the strength of the muscle. This is done with either significant pressure or twisting the body to add torsional strength to move the bone.

The Clever Bit

Dorn Method works by introducing guided movement to the body. I simply use my thumb or the flat of my hand to move bones to their correct position. The simple guided movements are swinging a leg to and fro, or both arms back and forth.

IMG_3353-300x251 The Dorn Method           IMG_3402-300x189 The Dorn Method

With the introduction of movement, the muscle are distracted and release their grip on our bones. At this point bones can easily be moved back to their correct position with a small amount of controlled pressure. How hard I press is controlled by the patient. I use Breuss Massage on the spine to help relax the muscles before a Dorn treatment.

How Dorn Method helped me

On a personal note, I suffered with Sciatica for ten years, making my life a misery. My visits to Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Osteopaths only made a difference to my bank account.

Vanessa and I were ‘Guinea-pigs’ for each other during our training, practicing on each other. Combined with the simple exercises my Sciatica disappeared in days and has NEVER returned. I still do the simple exercises as I found they help keep me supple and free from normal back ache

My Patients

The list of ailments my patient come to me with are very long. I have treated people successfully with the following complaints:

  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • ‘Frozen’ shoulders
  • Arthritis (Dorn Method can help mobilise inflamed joins and promotes movement of fingers and limbs)
  • Cubital Tunnel (commonly associated with Guitar players)
  • Pelvic Imbalances (from accidents, child birth, sport)
  • Misaligned vertebra
  • Whip-lash
  • Tinnitus (caused by misalignment of the jaw bone or cervical vertebrae)
  • Stroke patients (to promote movement of digits and limbs)
  • Headaches or migraines (caused by misalignment cervical vertebrae)

Clinical Leg Length Difference.

I have also identified at least 60 patients who have a clinical leg length difference. These patients physically have one leg longer than the other, which has resulted in curvatures, severe back pain, deformity of the rib cage and possibly many other problems.

Unfortunately these patients have gone un-diagnosed for many years resulting in their bodies becoming very imbalanced. Dorn Method helps me to identify very quickly this particular problem. I can then refer patients to their GP, for further referral to an Orthopedic department to have corrective wedges made to go into their shoes.


Possibly the most important part of Dorn Method is the empowerment given to the patient. As mentioned above, the patient has an active part to play in the treatment. Once shown the simple exercises they are then empowered to take control of their problem and heal themselves.

Patients can do the exercises anywhere, as they only take a matter of seconds to complete.

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