Life’s not All about work.

Life’s not All about work.

Being self employed allows me to do many things. Firstly I sacked the Boss many moons ago and there will be no going back there. I am working towards the dreams of my wife and I now, not providing wealth for someone else !

I consider myself blessed because I love all three of my businesses, whereas I know that some people hate the one job they have. I can also decide when I work, to my own timetable and are not dictated to by someone else. And, if I fancy the afternoon off to go down the beach then I do just that, because life’s not all about work.

And some days my daily commute last about 12 seconds. That’s right, the time it takes to travel from the bathroom to the office is 12 seconds – the office of course being on the same floor in our house.

But do you know, I’m nothing special. All I have done is found that I can make money on the internet quite simply. And by showing others how they can make their dreams come true, them my dreams are becoming a reality.

20150710_1558081-225x300 Life's not All about work.20150609_124525-300x225 Life's not All about work.

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Brand Yourself On-line


To brand yourself on-line is no different to working offline in any other professions. People will come to you because of what you provide and how you can help them. This is why you need to establish the ‘know, like and trust’ feelings with your customers. There are two ways of doing this on-line: one way is by using video marketing: the other method is by creating a free about me profile. You can find about me by going to

This will take you to a page that looks like the image below

Screenshot_2015-05-20-11-22-141-300x150 Brand Yourself On-line Screenshot_2015-05-20-11-44-411-300x169 Brand Yourself On-line








Once you are on the page you can then set up your free page which will let you brand yourself in your chosen ‘niche’ profession, interest or marketplace.

So how do you brand yourself on-line using a page ?

First of all you need to create an account.  This ideally needs to be in your own name (one of the major must haves, to establish ‘know, like and trust’ on-line is using your own name) and then you follow the steps. Pay particular attention to the biography section as this section is your chance to sell yourself. Remember, this is about how you Brand Yourself On-line.

A good tip for this section is to be to the point, giving the ‘sizzle, not the steak’. Highlight how you have been successful on-line in your niche. The reason for this is that you want to make people come to you as a ‘guru’ in your chosen field. Underneath your bio, you can add all the relevant links, which help to brand yourself on-line.

Here is a link to my page. It will give you some idea of the sort of content to write. Essentially though you need to write as you, letting your enthusiasm come through.

The Pelvis


The Pelvis, your foundation.

In some ways the Pelvis is the most important structure in your body. It’s your base, the bedrock upon which your body stands and the core of such activities as standing, walking, running and balance adjustment. It is also a shock absorber, houses the hip joints and is the base on which your spine stands. The Pelvis is also one of the few places in the body where male and female anatomy looks significantly different.

The Pelvis is not one solid bone, it’s made up of three separate bones with ligaments and connective tissue holding it together.

20150520_100945-225x300 The Pelvis20150520_101023-225x300 The Pelvis

The two side are the bones that look like elephant’s ears, and incorporate the hip joints. These are held together at the front by soft tissue. At the rear both sides sandwich the Sacrum, a bone made from separate vertebra that have fused together over thousands of years. On top of your Sacrum your spine is stacked and below is your coccyx, which is all that remain of the tails we once had.

As I mentioned above, the Pelvis is not one bone and this is crucial during child birth. In it’s normal state the pelvis is not wide enough for a baby to pass through. However, during labour the sides of the Pelvis flex outwards to allow the baby to pass through. The separate parts should then close back up and resume their normal form. However, this is not always the case (see posting on Sciatica).

I will return to problems related with misaligned Pelvis’s in the future.

Oh, by the way, I also make money on-line. Want to know more ?