Sciatica, it’s a pain !

Most people have heard of sciatica, a lot of people have and do suffer with it. I did…. for 10 years !

Sciatica is usually caused in one of two ways – a disc problem in the lower back causing physical pressure on to the sciatic nerve, or muscles constricting the nerve because of bone misalignment. Sound complicated ? It really isn’t.

As per a previous posting, I explained how the nerves exit the spinal column between the vertebra forming your spine. If the pathway the nerve takes is restricted because of a problem with a disc or vertebra, this will give the symptoms of sciatica. If permanent damage has been caused then unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done without surgery or pain management.

However, sciatica can be caused in another way, as mine was.

Your skeletal frame is held together by your muscles. Unfortunately, your muscles are not intelligent and will hold a bone in it’s current position even if that isn’t where it should be. The muscles will, in these circumstances, tighten up as a direct reaction to the incorrectly placed bone.

The most common way sciatica occurs is by the pelvic bones being misaligned. As per my previous post, the pelvis is made up of a number of bones. If either side of your pelvis is rotated backwards, the muscles in your pelvis will tighten and constrict your sciatica nerve as it works it way towards your hip join and then down your leg.

The symptoms can also be caused by vertebra misalignments in the lower back (lumber region), or misalignment of the sacrum.

Misalignments are typically caused by falls, repetitive movement, rapid twisting movements, bad posture, car accidents and child-birth.

Sciatic-Nerve-244x300 Sciatica

If you suffer with sciatica and find that walking eases the pain then your sciatica can be treated.

Clients who I see with sciatica typically require two treatments to make a full recovery. I also empower clients to help heal themselves with some very simple one minute exercises.

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