Pain – The eternal enemy


Everybody, sometime in their life will suffer with bodily pain. For some it will be fleeting and a mere annoyance as they grow older. For other though, it will be a constant nagging voice, with them every minute of every day. Most people, however will have periods of intense pain due to an injury, an accident or the result of years of poor posture or repetitive movement.

As a specialist in muscular/skeletal pain I see many people with many complaints. Some problems are caused by genetics, some by injuries sustained recently or when the client was younger, others are the result of poor posture or asking their bodies to do too much.

Which ever is the case, we are actually talking about bio-mechanics, how your muscles and bones physically work. It’s really simple: a system of levers and hinges (bones and their joints) operated by electro-sensitive tissue (muscles), controlled by a wiring loom (nerves).

As with all machinery there are some standard things that go wrong, some from misuse and others by constant use over time. Unfortunately, there are other factors which have a bearing on how our bodies perform, including our ability to decide to be lazy and not use our bodies how we should.

To be fair many will not know they are misusing their bodies, as no one has ever told/shown them the correct way to do things or commented on their posture or their lack of exercise.

In my future messages I will explain, in plain language, how our bio-mechanics work, things that can go wrong and how we can prevent a lot of the pain we suffer with.

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