How To Be Your Own BOSS


Since March 2008 I have built my small business up and up. It’s nearly where I want it to be now. I am pleased with what I have achieved and created, bearing in mind that I did it all through one of the worst recessions the UK has seen for many years.

I have develpoed my own brand, Hands-On Holistics, which my clients trust and refer to their family and friends. It takes hard word, commitment and some money to build up a business but the end result is AMAZING ! If you are passionate about something you do why not try to make a living from doing it ?

I have also discovered that you can not just have one sources of income, as at any time this may disappear and leave you grasping to keep a roof over your head. Everyone needs a plan B !

My plan B has been developed over the last three years and combines a Network Marketing Business with an Online Business. Both of these businesses give me Residual Income, which is a bit like Royalties paid to performing artists like singers and song writers. You basically do a job once and you get paid for it over and over again.

It also helps to build your own network of people, who although working towards their own goals, also help to create income for you in the process. I am now in control of my own destiny and could not return to being employed by someone else. It can be a bit scarey but totally exhilarating and what you earn contributes to your dream, not someone elses.

If you would like to learn more and perhaps take the first steps into becoming your own boss, I have another blog which covers this area.