Hands-On Holistics Mobile Therapy Service

Hands-On Holistics Mobile Therapy Service

Here is a brief description of the treamtents I offer at Hands-On Holistics Mobile Therapy Service and how I tailor them to each of my clients needs.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is the manipulation of multi-layers of muscle, particularly in the back and shoulder areas. It is used to break up longstanding knotted muscle tissue and relaxes tense muscle. This treatment stimulates blood flow through the muscles enabling them to work more efficiently and also kick-starts the lymphatic system to help drain the body of waste products.

Tipically, I use deep tissue massage on clients with back ache, shoulder problems, sufferers of headaches and migraines, neck stiffness, stiffness of the arms and legs and with clients displaying the signs of stress.

I also use it to complement Dorn Method treatments, although it is not officially part of that treatment. it is safe to use with children and young adaults, pregnant women and the elderly. I perform this treatment through light clothing or on bear skin with oil and use either my couch or massage chair.

Dorn Method

Dorn Method is a bone alignment threatment from Germany. It is related to Chiropractics and Osteopathy but IS TOTALLY GENTLE and pain free non manipulative treatment.

Using Dorn Method, guided limb movement is used to distract the muscles and then minimal pressure is used to put the bone(s) back to their correct position.

I treat clients with sciatica, pelvic inbalances, spinal misalignments, neck and should problems, jaw misplacement and knee and elbow problems. It is also effective with some sufferers of Arthritis. Tipically, I will see most clients only once or twice as I also show them how to treat themselves, thus enpowering them with control over their problem. These exercises are simple and tipically only take a minute a day as they mimic and reinforce the correction I have made.

Hands-On Holistics Clients

I offer my clients a flexiable and bespoke mobile service. Treatments take place in the comfort of your own home, so there is no stressful travelling before or after a treatment. I work with my clients to identify where their problems might be eminating from and use a number of treatments and techiques to resolve the problem in the quickest and most effective way.

I opperate in West Sussex, and parts of Hampshire, East Sussex and Surrey.

Alternatively, I see clients at the Worthing Natural Balance and Well Being Centre.




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