Dorn Method and an Unexpected Journey

Dorn Method and an Unexpected Journey

Sometimes a telephone call can change your day, or your week or even make your year. Every now and then you get a call that changes a whole lot more…….. and last week I got one of those kind of calls.

This call was from a Doctor (Dr Kaleem Ullah) in Instanbul, Turkey who was looking for someone, at very short notice to help with a training course. The course was for established health-care professionals (Doctors and Physiotherapists) who wanted to expand their knowledge and provide a wider range of treatments to their patients.

Kaleem-300x264 Dorn Method and an Unexpected JourneySo, Friday afternoon found me on a train to Luton airport and from there to Istanbul. This was the first time that I had visited Turkey and I was in for a massive culture shock, but in an amazing and enlightening way.

Dorn Method Training Course

11am Saturday morning found me in a classroom in front a eight people who were keen to learn how to do Dorn Method. I had had no time to prepare for delivering this course so I worked ‘on the hoof’ as it were, remembering what I had been taught by Thomas Zudrell 7 years previously, and what I had experienced actually doing treatments with my clients since then.

Kaleem acted as my trusty assistant and interpreter. He helped me explain and get across to the students that healing people isn’t always about following what a book says, it’s also about gut feeling, involving the client/patient in the treatment and keeping things simple. I’m also a very hands on person, so there was more practical education than there was length descriptons on what to do. It also eradicates the language problem, as showing transcends telling every day of the week.

Dorn-2-300x165 Dorn Method and an Unexpected Journey

My attentive students caught on really quickly and this made my job easy and my enjoyment levels high. Even with the language differences we had a laugh and there was a lot of exchanging of information between the students themselves. All too quickly though it was Sunday afternoon, time to present their certificates and say goodbye.

Dorn-7-300x165 Dorn Method and an Unexpected Journey

Progressive Medicine

That evening over our meal Kaleem later told me that I had been teaching four established Physiotherapists, a Doctor, a Professor of Medicine and two well known complementary therapist. He explained that several years ago many people became fed up with the service they were getting from their Doctor’s, and started looking for and using alternative treatments and medicine. It got to the point where the Doctor’s earnings dropped by half and they started complaining.

Within a year, and in an act of progressiveness not seen often, the Turkish Authorities certified fifteen popular alternative therapies so they could be used in hospitals and Doctor’s surgeries. Doctors were taught how to perform these therapies so their earnings rose once again, but more importantly their success rate in curing patients of their problems also rose dramatically.

chelseanin_kalecileri_sifayi_hacamatta_buldu13902914980_h1118926-300x145 Dorn Method and an Unexpected Journey

Many Doctors in Turkey now use far less Westernised ‘Drug focussed’ treatments (which rely on suppressing the symptoms with drugs) and instead look for cures for the route causes of patient’s problems. This obviously isn’t popular with the greedy Pharmaceutical corporations, but is much better for the patients.

More information about Dorm Method can be found below, along with my contact details.

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