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It’s always nice to get treatment feedback, even better when it is positive feedback.

My long-time friend William called me a few weeks ago for a catch up. His wife Phina had seen my blog on Facebook about Sciatica and he mentioned that he was having problems with his back and it was causing him major problems down one of his legs, which in turn was effecting work and the rest of his life.

I visited William, had a great day with him and Phina and gave him a treatment. I confirmed that he did have Sciatica and discovered the right side of his Pelvis had rotated backwards and his no.5 lumber vertebra was slightly out of alignment. This I was able to correct using deep tissue massage to relax the muscles in William’s lower back and pelvis, and then made a skeletal correction on his pelvis using Dorn Method.

Dorn Method is a German therapy. It is distantly related to Chiropractics and Osteopathy but is TOTALLY gentle. Dorn Method helps me treat various conditions relating to the human (and animal) skeleton.

To finish the treatment I showed him how, with a 30 second exercise each day he could take control of the problem and reinforce the correction I had made. His treatment feedback was not solicited by me and came out of the blue (it woke me at 6.30 this morning !)

These are William’s texts from this morning

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It is a pleasure and a privilege to help people, whether they are friends or strangers, and feedback like this makes it all worthwhile. Thanx William 🙂

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